Friday, March 4, 2011

Goals for 2011--How am I Doing?

Blog/Craft Goals for 2011
1. Learn to Quilt – I just mean the basics. I don’t expect to churn out 25 quilts or even two I would like to complete one quilt from piecing to binding by next January – is that too lofty a goal?

Working on goal one -- working on several quilts at once.

To help meet this goal I joined So Scrappy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge (See button on side bar.) I plan to post something each Scrappy Saturday – even if it is just to say –not much progress this week.

I post most Saturdays -- but my sewing machine died for the month of Feb.  I got it back so hopefully I'll have more to report.

I also joined the Quilting Board and will participate in the BOM that Sulabug is moderating. The first block is a paper pieced church. Each block is a house of some sort. I’ll post pictures of my blocks monthly and may need suggestions to help with problems.

Two out of three completed..

2. Make something hand-made for everyone on my Christmas list.

Not started yet --some of the quilting will be for gifts though.

3. Submit at least two projects for publication in a magazine –Create and Decorate, perhaps.

No --not even close.

4. Write a new post weekly about crafting that week – this may be just the perils of a hopeful quilting newbie or it could be about other creations I’m working on.

Yes--I think I'm doing ok with this one.

5. Also –write once a week on a non-craft related topic. This may include: my yard, projects at my house, thrifting, a new favorite blog –or anything that suits my fancy at the moment.

Yes --I had several no-craft related topics.

6. Write at least one or two tutorials for my blog – nothing too detailed. Start small.

Not yet, but I have some time left.

7. Leave more comments. Everyone loves comments!!

I like leaving comments -- and I do every day!!


  1. here's my comment and I mean it in a constructive way: don't set so many goals. 3 would be more than enough. just saying........

  2. Goodness so many goals.I hope you get thru to the other end of the dream about getting projects done is sometimes enough with our busy lives...
    I have just spent 25 mins reading your blog aswell as your daughters website.Your little grandson is in my prayers and thoughts.Please keep an update so we can follow his journey..xx

  3. I loved reading your profile! Gotta love the realism, so many infer 'perfect lives, perfect families' and can churn out a quilt in 2 days! Lol... That definitely isn't me! I just recently decided to teach myself to quilt as well, I joined the Le Petite project, 1 quilt a month, for a year, but the good part is they are all small. I've totally completed a couple, and have the others at least to the quilt top done. Stick with it! The basics seem easy enough, it just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice! Thats the stage that I'm at now.