Saturday, November 6, 2010

Train Station: Another Nursery

When my first grandson was born I used large foam stamps and stencils to make a Noah's Ark themed room.  When my second grandson was born my daughter decided that his theme would be "trains."  I decided to go freehand with acrylic craft paint.  First I drew a line around the entire room and made that train tracks.  Then I painted trains (of course), a station and children and animals watching for the train to go by. Over the door frames I wrote "All aboard" and "Tickets Please."  My cows may not be "utterly" perfect, but they'll do.  (Sorry--so Sorry!!)

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  1. Hi Carol, Glad you found my giveaway, and you are now entered. I'm also a follower of your now too. Very cute wall art for your Grandchildren. Welcome to the world of art's and crafts blogs. So many wonderful ladies out there. Blessing to you, Carol Mae