Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signs of Spring-- Yardwork Ahead!!

Guess what??  We actually have some spring in our neck of the woods!!  We always get a flock of flickers in our yard each Spring  and it made me smile when I looked and our visitors had arrived. See this handsome fellow:

Our fish in our tiny pond are swimming in the sun.

Here are the first flowers to show up--



My mother gave me these bulbs about six years before she passed away.  They never bloomed.  I thought that the hungry little chipmunks ate them.  The year she died there was one beautiful bloom.  Of course I took this to mean my mother was watching out for us from heaven.  Now ten years later there are many many blooms.  Thanks Mom:)

These are actually tiny, tiny, daffodils.


Many of my flowers, bushes and trees in the yard came in the form of gifts from my son Glenn.  When my younger son was still in school the joke was Glenn bought the plants, Josh planted them.  Josh still comes home in the summer and says "Mom do you need me to dig any holes in the yard?"   I usually do:)

After the horribly snowy winter look at all the sticks that need to be picked up before I start mowing.  This will take days to do.  Hopefully I'll get some help.

And of course there are always nice spring puddles to contend with.  I'm not complaining though, you have to take the good with the bad.  I'll be posting other posts about my yard this summer.  I hope I don't bore you--but I LOVE my yard.


  1. I love your daffodils, I planted a yellow rose in memory of my mom, she died in 2010. When I was growing up she had only one rose bush and it was yellow.

  2. I never grow weary of seeing how others landscape and garden. I think we do have much in common. I love to naturalize the daffodils and so much of what I do is reminiscent of what Mother did. She is still with us but unable to care for her flowers and their 'yard man' has done away with much of hers in an effort to make mowing easier. Humbug!